Bajra Sandhi is located at Jl. Niti Mandala, Renon, in the center of Denpasar City right in front of Bali’s Governor Office. It is situated strategically and easily accessed from any directions and close with other famous tourist destination in Denpasar such as Badung Traditional Market, Jagatnatha Temple, Bali Art Center, Bali Museum and Sanur Beach.

The Bajra Sandhi monument was built in 1987 at Denpasar to recall the struggle of Balinese people. It is named as Bajra Sandhi, because the form if the building looks like Bajra or Genta (bell) which used by all Hindu Priests in offering by reading Weda holy sentences (mantra). It also has another function, that is to preserve the Balinese cultures among the development of the modern ages.

The monument is enclosed in a walled courtyard, with a paved walkway encircling the building, and is surrounded by lush grass and trees. The architecture of the building is astounding, and the top tower offers incredible views, though is not recommended for those afraid of heights. The monument is made up of 33 dioramas that illustrate the journey of Balinese people from 300,000 B.C. up until modern day, showing Bali’s political, economic, social and cultural growth and development.

Entering the monument, from the drop off point, there are stairs that connect to a garden then there are more stairs to climb to get inside where there is a round pond with fish in it. There are 17 steps lead to the main gate, and 8 pillars are inside of the monument. The great pillar over the building is 45 meters height. And then, there is another stair to get to the main hall where can be seen a range of dioramas telling the story of Balinese life from the Stone Age till the independence era.

The unique design of the Bajra Sandhi attracts many visitors every day, and art exhibitions such as photo or painting competition are taking place quiet often in the exhibition room. The Bajra Sandhi Denpasar has a chamber on the top where the only access is the stairs in the middle of the pond. From the chamber, can be seen the green grass of the field, rooftops of houses, and buildings around dominating the scene.

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