Benang Stokel Waterfall might be the best waterfall in Indonesia and maybe in the whole world. There are so many waterfalls in Lombok, like one on the feet of Mount Rinjani. However, if you want to find a spectacular waterfall, then Benang Kelambu Waterfall is the best choice.

There are some waterfalls in Lombok and the most popular are Benang Kelambu Waterfall and one located on the feet of Gunung Rinjani. It is situated about 32 km from Mataram or about 1 hour with vehicle.

The name Benang Setokel means a bundle of thread. This waterfall is divided into two parts and each of them is as high as 20 meters. The water is so clean and fresh, so you can jump on it. The water comes from a river upstream on Mount Rinjani. You can swim under the waterfall because there is a huge pond under the waterfall. The water flows to the river on lower level. The clean and clear water allows you to see the base of the pond. If you have your children with you, make sure to take them to a river that is located about 50 meters from the waterfall. This river part is shallow and has calm water, so it is perfect for children. They can play and swim on the river.

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