Broken beach or Pasih Uug is located on the Western side of the Nusa Penida island. The beach is called Pasih Uug. The name is taken from a local dialect and means broken bay or beach.

The beach is a large cave roof that fell in and the tides creating the cave walls and cliff walls. Watch from above as the water come in with the tide, it has a small beach but this cannot be accessed by land. A great place to take photos and giant mantas can sometimes been seen swimming in the sea below.

When you have reached Broken Beach Nusa Penida, you can choose various beach activities like, swimming, snorkeling or simply sit on the beach to tan the skin or watch then sunset. The Beach is very calm and comfortable, because it is situated far from residential areas. Every day, the beach is visited by visitors, domestic and foreign as well though it’s not in large amount. Sunset view at this attraction is very beautiful and if you are lucky you can see a lot of stingrays and some sea turtles.

Broken beach or Pasih Uug is unique beach, you can’t find a beach like this in any parts of this world, except on Nusa Penida island.

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