Gili Kondo is an island that located in East Lombok, Sambelia district, West Nusa Tenggara province. Cleanliness and tidiness is maintained in island, this island clean of human waste effluent with trees and neat ornamental plants that add the scenic beauty of this island. Gili Kondo already have facilities and accommodations that can be fairly adequate, but offers an atmosphere like a private island.

On this island we can set up a tent or camping without fee provided that while maintaining the cleanliness of the island. White sand is quite broad, blue sea has caused shades of different depths, plus the bright sky clouds clot adds the beauty of this small island. Here we also can do water activities such as swimming, Diving and snorkeling, the water was very clear on the edge of the beach, so we could see the beautiful coral reefs decorated with colorful fish, blue and red starfish and some sea urchins to watch. The view across the island was no less beautiful, because from the west side of the island, we could see the view of Lombok island with hills and clouds that hung like a scarf hills. While in the east side, we can see the cluster of a large and small Sumbawa Island that was so fascinating. When we are facing into the north, then Gili Bedagan and Gili Bidara will look beautiful with their clean white shoreline.

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