Gili Meno Lombok  is one of the three famous Gili islands in Lombok, which is lies between the two gilis, Gili Trawangan and Gili air. Gili meno is the smallest island in between gili Trawangan and gili Air which has a length of 2km and 1km wide, with only has 400 population, so that the island is often referred as a remote island, but the beauty of the beach in gili meno is not inferior to the other two Gilis, the sand road leads all the way around the island. Most of the tourist facilities, including the boat arrival and departure point are on the southern part of the east coast.

There are not too many activities to be found on Gili Meno, which is part of its appeal. Those who simply cannot refrain from some form of activity will find the Bird Park in the centre of the village an entertaining distraction for a morning or afternoon. The Gili Meno bird park hosts over three hundred birds in a natural, free environment. Peafowls, Pheasants, Hornbills, Eagles, Pelicans, Macaws and parrots galore are amongst the feathered citizens and ambassadors gathered from all over the world.

Accommodation is also to be found on site but most make the trip for the guided tour of the park, restaurant and pool table. The most popular stretch of sand on Gili Meno is to be found to the left of where the boats pull up on the beach. This southern beach strip is where the majority of accommodation getting there beach life on the island is to be found. There are no hawkers to disrupt a day’s sunbathing and the beach huts lining the sand offer a perfect respite from the heat where visitors can buy drinks and snacks from the neighbouring warungs.

Snorkelling equipment can be hired from any of the local operators. Swimming is perfectly safe in the calm waters here but don’t venture too far out from the shoreline. As with Trawangan, visibility is constantly good year round. Expect to see Hawksbill and Leatherback turtles, schools of Batfish, Blue-spotted stingrays and many varieties of hard and soft corals. If you look hard enough you could be lucky enough to find rare and unusual nudibranchs amongst other lesser-spotted micro critters.

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