Gili Nanggu is one of the islands located in the western side of Lombok island. Several other islands are Gili Kendis and Gili Sindak. Gili Nanggu has an area of ​​about 12.5 hectares managed by the concept of forest / virgin island. So we can be sure that this island still has a natural and beautiful nature. In addition, here you will not find hawkers so the atmosphere is like being on a private island. Besides the beaches and crystal clear sea water, Gili Nanggu has a beautiful garden with amazing sea coral reefs are still awake, complete with beautiful colorful fish that are already familiar with the divers.

Gili Nanggu Lombok has two snorkeling points. The first point is on the east side of the island which is a beautiful fish congregate and play. Meanwhile, on the south side has a beautiful coral reefs are colorful. Visitors can snorkel from morning to evening. However, the most appropriate time is during the day when the sun is blazing, because at that time the currents and winds have not been strong, and also very beneficial if you want to capture the beauty of marine park because of the light which is quite good.

In addition to the cottages and bungalows with sasak custom home design, public facilities provided in Gili Nanggu also been quite satisfactory. On the edge of the beach visitors can find small lodges that can be used to sit back and relax while enjoying the breeze and the view of the open sea. In this island there is also a turtle hatchery which is open to the public.

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