Gili Rengit located in West Sekotong sub district, West Lombok district which is lined up between 4 Gili namely: Gili Gede, Gili Rengit, Gilis Layar and Gilis Asahan for access to these 4 islands through Tembowong port.

Gili Rengit is twice larger than Gili Nanggu (22 ha) not visible from highway because covered by Gili Gede from Tembowong can charter boat to Gili Rengit only 10 minutes crossing by boat of citizen commonly used to find fish and Very good for snorkeling activity besides the water is very clear and visible coral reefs because the waves in the Gili Rengit very quiet but it is different with some sides there is also a fairly tight currents and not recommended for snorkeling because direct contact with the deep ocean or Lombok strait – Bali.

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