Nusa Lembongan’s northeast corner is covered with a substantial mangrove forest which plays an important environmental role sheltering the coast and preventing erosion. It’s possible to explore the area by boat or gondola-like (traditional boat).

This lush mangrove forest covers most of the northeastern coastline of Lembongan, and can be reached via the coastal village road of Jungut Batu. There are local wooden boat operators in the adjacent fishing village who can take you on gondola-like mangrove tours through the forest at a quiet, slow and steady pace.

Mangrove Tour is good choice to see surrounding islands are in fact very special and very important. These groves that grow in tidal zones are an island’s natural defense against large waves and coastal erosion. Their prop roots trap and cycle organic and chemical elements, producing nutrients for the coastal ecosystem. They are thus home to many marine animals, acting as a kind of nursery to young spawn. Birds venture into mangroves too, nesting and feeding off the rich waters.

This is a good trip to do with kids (ask for lifejackets) and an enjoyable way to experience a little serenity. Although it’s probably not a must-do, it is worth supporting the local boat pilots and important to encourage the protection of the mangroves. Pack the mozzie spray.

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