Mangrove Point, which lies off the northern coast of Nusa Lembongan. It’s a sprawling coral garden with plenty of fish and very light currents. Nusa Lembongan is an awesome place and the best off beach snorkeling in Bali. Lembongan island snorkeling offers a beautiful panorama underwater, coral reefs, and is supported by the warm water conditions and clear waters, so excellent for snorkeling.

The Mangrove Point Nusa Lembongan is one of the famous snorkeling locations in Bali. Mangrove point is located at the northern end of the Jungut batu Village. The current conditions here are very light. Nusa Lembongan mangrove Point is an easy drift snorkeling. The drift snorkeling on Mangrove Point is just simply floating passively while using snorkeling gear and allowing the light currents to carry you across the sea water and explore a colorful underwater.

The conditions of coral reefs are healthy and spacious with lots of tropical fish. High tide is the best time for snorkeling at mangrove point Nusa Lembongan. This island has beautiful of coral reefs and tropical fish are colorful with huge variation. More than 250 species of fish.

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