Tangsi beach or better known as Pink Beach is a beach located in Sekaroh village, Jerowaru districts, East Lombok. One of the things that the main attraction of Tangsi Beach/Pink Beach is a sand-colored Pink with the stunning natural scenery and very impressive. Surrounded by high enough cliffs to Berugak (a kind of cottage / pavilion) above are provided for the tourists who want to enjoy the expanse of the open sea. The view from the top of the cliff will make you fascinated with the beautiful panorama of the cliffs below. Typical aroma of the sea water, and the breeze caresses the sound waves hit the reef will make the hearts of those who visit here be quiet.

Pink Beach Lombok has a fairly quiet flows with very small waves, so it is suitable to play around and do not harm. If you have time to snorkeling, then you will be amazed by the incredibly beautiful coral reefs.

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