Sade Village Lombok is a village with just more than 150 farmers families, has a big number of had shaped rice sheds on pillars (lumbung), which have become the symbol of Lombok. Sade Village located at Rambitan Village, Pujut sub-district, Central Lombok district. It takes about 20 minutes from International Lombok Airport.

Sade’s Village, a name that is simple, as simple as it’s friendly people. It’s is one of the tribe villages that are indigenous Sasak people of Lombok, the building is still very traditional in this village every building is made of wood and bamboo for it walls and thatched roofs. Rice Granary are also a typical building here that we can find in some houses.

Sade’s men livelihood is farming generally, but because it has been developed into tourism village, several men became Tour Guide for This village. Sade’s village also famous for ikat weaving and handicrafts from the hands results of the women in this village. Almost every house selling souvenir , just as necklaces, bracelets, key chains and more. As well as an interesting activity sade women who were weaving.

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