Sekotong Beach is one of the potential tourist destination which is simply stunning. In this beach you will get the different experience, with views of the calm waves with fine white sand beaches and gentle breeze touching the face and hair is one of the advantages of marine tourism in Lombok. You can swim in peace because the beach is not much visited by tourists. In addition, you can also enjoy sunbathing as much. The atmosphere of the beach that is not too crowded will make you feel at homeand enjoyed for long the panoramic beauty of Sekotong Beach. Is still relatively virgin beach is only crowded at weekends, so do not be surprised if there is nothing to pollute the coastal region.

In Sekotong Beach Lombok, you can see the sunlight shining on the whole landscape with a bright yellow light. The green hills became a background of the beach that adds the beauty of Sekotong Beach, coupled with the many rocks lie along the shore that add to the uniqueness of this beach. You can also climb the hills around the beach, on arrival at the summit you will be spoiled with the natural scenery which is very beautiful with a blend of beautiful beaches and blue water, towering Mount Agung, as well as a small group of islands across the sea.

Not only the beautiful natural scenery, in Sekotong beach you can also enjoy the beauty of marine aquaculture. In this place there Mariculture Center of Lombok under the Directorate General of Aquaculture, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries. Marine life such as lobsters, grouper, sea cucumber abalone shells, and others. So this place is a major destination for those who want to surf, snorkeling and diving by both foreign and local tourists.

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