Thousand Islands Nusa Penida located at Pelilit area,Tanglad Village, at district of Nusa Penida. The place that could zap you with all the beauty. The beach is adjacent to Atuh Beach which already been popular before.

Thousand Island is a hill above the sea and has amazing views. You will be amazed at the sight of the composition of rocks and cliffs like a sturdy fortress that protects the hill.

In order to reach this place you have to drive one hours from the Buyuk port. Arrive at parking place, then you can walk about 15 minutes through the path, then down a rather steep hill. There is a simple ladder made of soil and limestone built by local people to facilitate access to the Thousand Islands.

At the edge of the hill there is a barrier of wood to maintain the security of visitors Meanwhile at the end of the resting place of the hill was built to resemble a small wantilan equipped with Padma for a place of worship.

According to travelers this region almost like a scene of Thousand Islands in Raja Ampat, Papua…

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